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Improving Economy a Credit to Obama, Granholm

May 18, 2011

News from
The Michigan Democratic Party

May 17, 2011

Improving Economy a Credit to Obama, Granholm
President and Former Governor Deserve Credit for Economic Policies that Put Michigan on the Path to Recovery

LANSING – The economic policies of President Barack Obama and former Governor Jennifer Granholm are working. News that the state has more revenue than anticipated and a positive economic projection by University of Michigan economists demonstrates the state is and has been in economic recovery.

“From Michigan’s growing clean energy sector to the bridge loan for the auto companies, Governor Granholm and President Obama are proving that their economic policies are having a positive effect on our recovery,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “While we still need to create more jobs and help small businesses thrive in our changing economy, the news this week is encouraging. The seeds planted by Governor Granholm, particularly in the clean energy sector, are starting to lay the foundation for Michigan’s 21st century economy.”

A recent study conducted by the Environmental Law and Policy Center shows that the solar and wind industries have provided more than 10,000 Michigan jobs. Read more about the study by clicking this link (

“We need to continue this positive momentum,” added Brewer. “The Republicans are jeopardizing our recovery by forcing our seniors, kids, middle class families, and low-wage workers to pay for a record tax giveaway to CEOs, banks, and insurance companies – a plan which even Governor Snyder and his cabinet admit may not create any jobs in Michigan. We shouldn’t be cutting public education because an educated workforce is the key to good-paying jobs of the future.”


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