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Mitt Romney, 5.0: Thinner, Lighter, Emptier

May 13, 2011

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May 12, 2011



Mitt Romney, 5.0: Thinner, Lighter, Emptier

 Romney’s Effort to Reinvent Himself Proof that He Will Do and Say Anything to Get Elected


ANN ARBOR – As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney signed into law landmark health care reform legislation that laid the groundwork for the Affordable Care Act.  The model Romney approved then expanded coverage to more than ninety percent across the state and contained an individual responsibility provision, like the Affordable Care Act signed by President Barack Obama. But in his effort to cozy up to the Republican base, he has again tried to reinvent himself and his health care plan. 


“Mitt Romney will say anything and support any plan that gets him his party's nomination,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “Romney’s speech today is a clear sign that he is entirely without conviction. A policy that’s very similar to the one he proposed as governor of Massachusetts, defended as a 2008 primary candidate and encouraged other states to adopt, he’s now calling to repeal.”


But Romney’s pandering to the Republican base has caused him to flip-flop on more than just his own health care law. He now supports eliminating prescription drug discounts for seniors and allowing insurance companies to discriminate based on existing conditions.  In fact, he even endorsed the GOP budget proposal that would end Medicare as we know it. 


As Mitt Romney, the Founding Father of national health reform as a result of his groundbreaking work in Massachusetts, prepares to give yet another speech trying to clarify how what he championed in Massachusetts is different than what Congress passed in 2010 (it's not) here's a handy scorecard on the similarities between the two:


Major Provisions

Affordable Care Act

Massachusetts Health Law

Individual Mandate



Employer Responsibility

Yes — but not required to provide coverage

Yes — required to provide coverage

Affordability Credits



Standard Benefit Package

Yes — w/o abortion services

Yes — w/ abortion services

Establishes Exchanges



Prohibits Insurance Company From Canceling Coverage



Bans Denying Medical Coverage For Pre-existing Conditions



Medicaid Expansion



Medicare Cuts


No Authority

Source:            Think Progress, 4/12/2011      

 A power point presentation with additional information is attached.



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