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GOP Budget Plan: Privatize Medicare and Medicaid, Keep Tax Cuts

Apr 12, 2011

The Michigan Democratic Party


April 11, 2011

GOP Budget Plan: Privatize Medicare and Medicaid, Keep Tax Cuts for Rich
Will Michigan Republicans Support the Plan?

LANSING – Congressional Republicans are planning to privatize Medicare and Medicaid, and give massive tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. GOP House Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal will do all of that and still won’t balance a budget for several decades.

“Republicans just keep taking from low-wage workers, seniors, and the middle-class so America’s wealthiest individuals can line their pockets even more,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “We’re calling on the Republicans in the Michigan Delegation to come out against this budget and protect workers and seniors.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Republican groups spent $70 million last year on TV ads that misled voters claiming Democrats cut Medicare. But now the GOP is proposing not only cuts, but privatization as well.

“Once again, we see Republican hypocrisy,” said Brewer. “Privatizing Medicare and Medicaid and massive tax cuts for the rich are not ways to put America on the ‘path to prosperity.’ This budget proposal proves how out-of-touch the GOP really is. Do Tim Walberg, Candice Miller, Dan Benishek, Fred Upton, Mike Rogers, and other Republicans support this proposal? If so, Michigan voters will be there to hold them accountable in 2012.”

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