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Miller Voters Against Collective Bargaining Rights

Apr 01, 2011

The Michigan Democratic Party

April 1, 2011

Miller Voters Against Collective Bargaining Rights
Congresswoman Supports Bill That Limits Workers’ Ability to Organize

LANSING – Joining her Republican colleagues in Michigan and across the country in their attack on collective bargaining, Michigan Congresswoman Candice Miller voted to strip away collective bargaining rights. Miller voted against an amendment which would have protected collective bargaining rights at airline and railway companies (HR 658, Roll Call 217, 4/1/11).

“Her vote is very anti-worker and takes away the right of collective bargaining,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “Congresswoman Miller should be ashamed of her decision to take away the rights of workers – especially in a struggling economy.”

“We need to be protecting workers and making sure they have the ability to pay their mortgages and feed their families,” continued Brewer. “Unfortunately, both Michigan and national Republicans like Rick Snyder and Candice Miller are instead denying the right to collectively bargain.”

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