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Michigan Democratic Party Issues Tea Party Membership Cards to G

Jan 09, 2013

Lansing Republicans Have Enacted the Extreme Tea Party Agenda, Hurt Middle-Class Families

LANSING -- As the Michigan House and Senate kicked off the 2013-14 session today, the Michigan Democratic Party issued Tea Party membership cards to Republican legislators reflecting the GOP’s extreme agenda, including voting to raise taxes on seniors and middle-class families to pay for a tax cut for corporations, hurting kids by cutting funding for public schools and passing divisive legislation attacking women’s rights and collective bargaining.

"When you look at the agenda of Lansing Republicans, it is the extreme Tea Party agenda,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer. “Instead of focusing on improving public education and creating jobs, they’ve hiked taxes on seniors and middle-class families to pay for a $2.5 billion tax cut for corporate special interests, slashed funding for our kids’ schools, attacked women’s rights and undermined collective bargaining rights. We are providing these Tea Party membership cards to GOP legislators because they reveal whose side they are on -- the side of Dick DeVos and the Koch Brothers, not the side of Michigan’s middle-class families.”

The Tea Party membership card and letter to GOP legislators is available here:

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