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Reminder: MDP Presidential Caucuses Only Two Weeks Away

Apr 20, 2012
April 20, 2012
Contact: John Tramontana

Reminder: MDP Presidential Caucuses Only Two Weeks Away
Caucus Locations Available on MDP Website

LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party’s Presidential Caucuses are just two weeks away on May 5, 2012.

Those planning to participate should visit and click on President Obama’s picture for a list of the sites throughout the state.

“This list will let voters know where they need to go to vote in the caucus on May 5th,” MDP Chair Mark Brewer said. “There will be about 200 sites throughout the state and at least one in each county. We ask all interested voters to visit our website and check the list to ensure they go to the correct caucus site to vote – you must vote at the caucus site for your area.”

“People do not need to be members of the Michigan Democratic Party to vote – they simply have to indicate at registration that they are participating as a Democrat,” continued Brewer. “People who voted in the February 28th primary are welcome to vote on May 5th. We also welcome young people who are eligible to register to vote before the November election.”

A list of the caucus sites can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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