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New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Voters Want GOP Presidential

Jul 15, 2011

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The Michigan Democratic Party



July 15, 2011

Contact: John Tramontana


New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Voters Want GOP Presidential Primary Canceled

Canceling Primary Would Save the State $10 Million and Hundreds of Jobs


LANSING - According to a new EPIC-MRA poll, an overwhelming majority of voters want to cancel the 2012 presidential primary and save the state $10 million and hundreds of jobs. More than two thirds of the 600 likely voters support canceling the primary (68%), while just 18% are in favor of keeping it as scheduled. Even a majority of Republicans (54 - 28 percent) are in favor of canceling the primary while Democrats (76 - 13 percent) and Independents (76 - 13 percent) were highly in favor of saving the state $10 million. 


"The numbers speak for themselves," Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. "The voters do NOT want Republicans to hold a presidential primary election next year costing the taxpayers $10 million. The Michigan Republican Party needs to listen to the voters and cancel the primary. We need to come together and do what's right for the state and what's right for the people. Saving $10 million and hundreds of jobs is the right thing to do right now."


According to the poll, Republican women also supported canceling the primary by a 58 to 22 percent majority, while those who identified as members of the Tea Party support canceling the primary by a 54 to 26 percent majority.


"Every demographic group in the state wants to see the primary canceled," added Brewer. "Will the Republicans listen to the voters and do the right thing? Or will they proceed with a primary the voters don't want and cost Michigan $10 million and hundreds of jobs?"

A copy of EPIC-MRA's press release and more information about the poll is attached.



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