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Snyder Turns Back on Clean Tech Sector as New Report Shows That'

Jul 14, 2011

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The Michigan Democratic Party

July 14, 2011
Contact: John Tramontana

Snyder Turns Back on Clean Tech Sector as New Report Shows That's Where the Jobs Are
Snyder's Policies Will Cost Michigan Jobs

LANSINGThe Michigan Democratic Party blasted Governor Rick Snyder for turning his back on the clean energy and technology sector as a Brookings Institution report released Wednesday showed that the industry employs more than 2.7 million people nationwide and nearly 80,000 in Michigan alone.

In his 2011 budget, Snyder canceled incentives and programs that spur job creation in the clean energy sector, including in advanced battery manufacturing and fuel cell development, two of the fastest growing job creators in Michigan. The Brookings Institution report also pointed out that other countries such as China doubled U.S. investments in clean energy in 2010.

“The Brookings report proves that clean energy is creating good-paying, high-skill jobs that can put Michigan back to work – but Governor Snyder is foolishly turning his back on this important sector,” MDP Chair Mark Brewer said. “Advanced batteries and fuel cells are driving growth in Michigan and creating jobs, yet Snyder canceled incentives and programs to grow these sectors because of an extreme, ideological position that will now send jobs to China, India, and other countries. Snyder is stuck in the past and tying our hands behind our backs at a time when Michigan manufacturing, automotive and high-tech workers have shown we can compete with anyone in the world in the clean energy sector.”


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