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Citizens Research Council of Michigan: Snyder and GOP Budget Cou

Jul 11, 2011

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The Michigan Democratic Party

July 11, 2011
Contact: John Tramontana

Citizens Research Council of Michigan: Snyder and GOP Budget Could Hurt Economy
Independent Council Says Unprecedented Tax Shift Could Actually Discourage Economic Growth

LANSING – The nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan has analyzed the budget passed by the GOP Legislature and signed by Governor Snyder last month and concluded that it could actually hurt Michigan’s economic recovery. The Council also warned about the economic harm caused by cutting public education and health care.

In its analysis, the CRC concluded that more than $750 million dollars will be taken out of public education and handed directly to major corporations and their CEOs.

“This analysis proves what Democrats and many voters have been saying since the budget was introduced in February – there is no proof that massive tax cuts for CEOs and major corporations will lead to any job creation,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “Indeed, according to the CRC, this budget could hurt economic growth in Michigan.”

“If we want to create jobs we need to strengthen the middle class,” added Brewer. “This budget and many of the GOP policies enacted this year are an attack on the middle class and will further damage our economy. Whether it’s unfair tax hikes on seniors and low-wage workers, cuts to public education and public safety, or an Emergency Financial Manager law that strips away voting rights, we know that none of these policies will create jobs in Michigan.”

“We hope this new report by the CRC will prove to the Republicans that they have put Michigan on the wrong track and must change course immediately,” said Brewer. “We need to focus on jobs, not giving nearly $2 billion to insurance companies, oil companies, and wealthy CEOs.”

To read the analysis, click the link below.


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