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McCotter Just Another GOP Candidate Who Supports Ending Medicare

Jul 01, 2011

News from
The Michigan Democratic Party


July 1, 2011
Contact: John Tramontana

McCotter Just Another GOP Candidate Who Supports Ending Medicare, Failed Economic Policies
Michigan Congressman Wants to Be President After Failing as a Congressman

LANSING – GOP Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter is expected to announce this weekend that he’s running for President.

“McCotter is a part of the same old Republican crew looking to bring back their failed economic policies and to end Medicare,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “It’s ironic that McCotter has chosen to announce his candidacy during the week of the 45th anniversary of Medicare when he supports ending the program.”

“McCotter supports cutting Social Security benefits and opposes Wall Street reform. He  would rather reinstate the policies that nearly destroyed our economy,” added Brewer. “Voters do not want to see more of these failed GOP policies.”

“McCotter’s record isn’t likely to survive scrutiny by the Tea Party,” observed Brewer. “He supported the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act and the rescue of the domestic auto industry – what do the Tea Partiers say to that?”


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