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MDP Chair Mark Brewer Blasts GOP for Wasting Time Rewriting Hist

Jun 22, 2011

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The Michigan Democratic Party

June 22, 2011
Contact: John Tramontana

MDP Chair Mark Brewer Blasts GOP for Wasting Time Rewriting History

Republicans Waste Time and Money by Holding Political Hearing on US Auto Industry Today

– Today, a subcommittee of the House of Representative’s Oversight Committee is holding a hearing on federal aid to the U.S. auto industry. In response, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer released the following statement:


“Shame on Republicans for wasting taxpayer money to find out what all of us in Michigan already know- it was President Obama who made the tough political decision that helped turn around the U.S. auto industry. Instead of offering proposals to create new jobs today, Republicans are trying to rewrite history because they know they and their 2012 candidates are on the wrong side of it. But Michiganders, and folks throughout the Midwest, won’t forget who was on their side when their jobs, their livelihoods, and their communities were on the line.


“Republicans turned their backs on 1.4 million American workers and countless other families and small business owners who are now benefiting from a profitable auto industry.  As we saw when native son Mitt Romney returned to Michigan a couple of weeks ago, Republicans have a political problem in the Midwest and no amount of hearings can change the fact that they would have let the American auto industry fail and thrown its employees in the street.”



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