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News from the Michigan Democratic Party 2013-02-13

SPOTLIGHT: Quote of the Year: “The right-to-work thing puts him in the toilet, as far as I’m concerned"

DFP: Headline: Poll: Snyder's approval rating plummets after right-to-work law passes
WXYZ: Governor Rick Snyder’s job performance rating slips double digits

The poll by EPIC-MRA of Lansing, released exclusively to the Free Press and WXYZ-TV (Channel 7), found that 61% of Michigan voters surveyed between Feb. 5 and Feb. 10 gave Snyder a negative job rating, while 36% gave him a positive rating. . . . Sara Wurfel, a spokeswoman for Snyder, said it’s not surprising polls will be affected “when you take on big, controversial issues,” but “this is just a small snapshot in time,” amid a large number of improving trends. “The governor will continue to make the long overdue, tough decisions that will help move our state forward and build a strong future for all,” Wurfel said. Ron Bowman, 64, a semi-retired home builder from Shelby Township who describes himself as an independent voter, said he went from neutral about Snyder to strongly opposed to him over the right-to-work issue. “The right-to-work thing puts him in the toilet, as far as I’m concerned,” said Bowman, who participated in the poll.

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News from The Michigan Democratic Party 2013-01-10

More delusional Republican rhetoric, as Americans die by the thousands

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12-18-2012 News 2012-12-18

Gov signs bills making Michigan 24th right-to-work state
Without ceremony, Gov. Rick Snyder said he signed two bills tonight making Michigan the nation's 24th right-to-work state. Both he public sector and private sector bills have been signed,” Snyder said in announcing the development at the start of a 5:45 p.m. press conference. This is a major day in Michigan’s history," Snyder said. "I don’t view this as anti-union at all. I view this as pro-worker.”|defcon|text|FRONTPAGE

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4/18/2012 News Review 2012-04-18

News summary for Democrats!

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3/27/2012 News Review! 2012-03-27

All the lastest news compiled for Democrats!

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3/12/2012 News Review 2012-03-12

News specially prepared for Democrats!

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3/9/2012 News Review 2012-03-09

News compiled by the MDP for you.

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News Roundup 3/6/2012 2012-03-06

News Highlights conveniently compiled by The MDP!!!

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Monday News 3/5/12 2012-03-05

Today's news round-up 3-5-2012

NOW Calls for Clear Channel to Pull the Plug on Limbaugh

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI---Steve Pestka, a Grand Rapids native who has served as a prosecutor, legislator, and judge, and who currently runs his family’s small business, will make a major announcement Monday morning at events in Grand Rapids and Battle Creek.

Pestka’s announcement comes on the heels of a recent Politico article revealing the vulnerability of Congressman Amash and public support for a Democratic challenge from Steve Pestka. (1)

WHO: Steve Pestka

WHAT: Press conferences in Grand Rapids & Battle Creek

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News for Michiganders 7/25/2011 2011-07-25

DFP: Rochelle Riley: Welfare cutoff will be cruel to kids
But it has become abundantly apparent why our Michigan is in economic shambles. Michigan's leaders -- and many of its residents -- do not care about the state's children. And they do not care about poor people. . . . Consider Exhibit A: Last week, the Legislature passed -- and Gov. Rick Snyder signed -- a law that takes effect Oct. 1 and allows families on welfare to get benefits for 48 months. State benefits should be limited. But the Legislature made the measure retroactive, effectively giving some people who have nearly exhausted their benefits only about 10 weeks to find a job in a state where unemployment just jumped back up to 10.5%.

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News for the Middle Class 7/22/2011 2011-07-22

MDP: Of the Thousands Of Lobbying Shops in DC, Pete Hoekstra Picked the One That Defended Bernie Madoff
Hoekstra’s History of Standing Up for Special Interests at the Expense of Middle Class Made Him A Perfect Fit for His New Employer in Washington, But Makes Him A Terrible Choice for Michigan

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News for Working Families 7/21/2011 2011-07-21

DN: Michigan jobless rate hits 10.5%, highest since January
MDP: Facebook: Where are the jobs, Governor Snyder?

"Michigan has certainly got caught up in the soft patch that we've seen so far through the first seven months of 2011," said Robert Dye, chief economist for Comerica Inc. in Dallas. . . . From May to June, employment across Michigan dropped by 26,000, while the number of unemployed people rose by 8,000, and 18,000 left the work force, according to the state. . . . Ballard, though, said two consecutive months of declining numbers of employed Michiganians is cause for concern, and that the unemployment rate could have risen even more had the labor force not declined. "Certainly, if I were the governor, the Legislature, the chamber of commerce, anybody else following these issues, these numbers would perk up your attention and make you wonder if there's a big problem on the horizon," he said.

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News for Democrats 7/20/2011 2011-07-20

DN: Mark Gaffney: Right-to-work laws wrong for Michigan
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay in 2009 for right-to-work states was $4,476 less than the average in Michigan for all workers.

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News for Democrats 7/19/2011 2011-07-19


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News for Michigan 7/12/11 2011-07-12

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD: Michigan Democratic Party - Governor Snyder, where are the jobs you promised? web ad
While the Democrats push their arguments right to the rhetorical edge – “And even more will follow with Governor Snyder eliminating alternative energy tax credits" – they are on solid ground with the details out of Lansing in the first half of 2011. Politics is a full-contact endeavor. No foul.

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News for Working Families 7/7/11 2011-07-07

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AFL-CIO: Blog: First, Michigan Guts Democracy. Now Aims for Workers’ Paychecks
Now, extremists in the state are pushing for passage of a so-called right to work law that would limit the ability of the workers to maintain or attain the middle class. A new study by University of Michigan research scientist Roland Zullo illustrates how such a law would be bad economics for working families. Despite supporters’ claims, “right to work” (RTW) is a misnomer—”it has nothing to do with the right of a person to seek and accept gainful employment,” writes Zullo. Further, the law would not fix Michigan’s economic woes.

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News for Democrats 6/28/2011 2011-06-28

Great opinion piece:

KZG: Letter: Pension still exempt but will still have $1,000 less income this year
Almost hidden in the hot debates were the other two legs of the proposal to raise taxes on seniors. One removed the homestead tax credit for residences with assessed values above $135,000. The other removed the $3,200 individual personal income tax exemption for seniors. Thank you, governor, for sparing the oldest Michiganders such as us from part of the tax increase. Unfortunately, the other two tax increases will cut our spendable income by $1,000 a year. We have no prospects for recovering that amount in the future, other than returning to work. At age 75, I'm having a hard time finding employment. Perhaps one of those businesses Gov. Snyder said will use my higher tax payment to create jobs will hire me? I'll wait for the calls. -- Richard J. Klade/Plalinwell

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News for Democrats 6/24/2011 2011-06-24

This and much more inside....

MAC: Progressive groups say Michigan's middle class disappearing
Michigan’s middle class faces a bleak future, a report released Thursday by three progressive policy groups concludes. Lansing-based Progress Michigan and the Michigan League for Human Services, along with the Washington, D.C., office of the political advocacy organization Demos, said that Michigan is plagued by a lack of good jobs, high unemployment, falling earnings, declining access to benefits, high costs for education and raising a family, and diminished economic prospects for young people compared to 30 years ago. “Michigan was where the great American middle class was forged,” said Heather McGhee of Demos in a conference call Thursday. “Now Michigan’s middle class is endangered.” The report takes aim at public policy decisions and notes that Gov. Rick Snyder this week signed an “austerity budget” that gives businesses generous tax breaks while cutting spending on public education.

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News for Democrats 6/23/2011 2011-06-23

Read every word, OR just skim through for the juicy bits, OR pick what interests you as a Democrat!  It's ALL inside!!!

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Kate Segal Chosen as Democratic Floor Leader 2011-12 2010-11-10

Segal Chosen by Peers as Democratic Floor Leader
Lawmaker to seek bipartisanship, will continue fight for Calhoun County
— November 10, 2010

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